We are business consultants with a difference! We look at the business as a whole and not just the individual components or areas. We look at every aspect of the business including its relationship with customers, suppliers and the outside world via its marketing media and message. Improving profitability usually comes with making small incremental changes over a long period rather than drastic irreversible ones.


Our vision is to be a source of help and inspiration for the business owner. It is often said that many business owners are too busy working in the business to be able to take a step back from it and see it as others see it. We want to give you that perspective and work with you to help and guide you in achieving your business and personal goals. Our approach is a holistic one: in order for a business to grow and succeed it must have sound roots in every aspect of its structure

We start with meeting you in a free initial consultation so that you can decide if you would like to work with us and we can make an initial assessment of whether our methodology and techniques and services will be suitable for your circumstances.

In that initial meeting we will try to collect as much background information as we can so that if you decide to proceed then we can make a prompt and informed start


Our methodology does not involve writing long detailed reports but it based on open and frequent communication by whatever means you prefer. Obviously face to face meetings and open discussions are best but at other times we are equally happy to work with you via telephone, email or conference calls. It's entirely down to your preference.

We will discuss every area of the business with you and have extensive experience of all the following areas:



  • Business Growth and Development

  • Business Planning

  • Shareholder and partner disputes

  • Accounting advice

  • Business Risk Assessment

  • Business Coaching

  • Marketing and Web Strategy

  • Succession and Exit Planning

  • Sourcing Business Finance

  • Managing Foreign Currency Risks​​



Running a business can be a lonely experience and having someone to bounce ideas off can be enormously helpful and reassuring! 

We are here to help!


London and
East Anglia
T: 01206 430049
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